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Review Us!

Finally, **Authentic** Tacos!!
We got a bunch of different tacos & we couldn’t even decide which were our favorites!! Everything was super fresh & delicious…and they definitely nailed the authentic Mexican taste/recipes that you can’t get from the larger chains. So good!

Val G.

This place was a surprising little gem!
The staff was very friendly and welcoming, explaining the menu and all of our options. There was fun, upbeat music, smiling faces, and a good atmosphere. I will definitely be back for more. Go try this place, you won’t be sorry.

Mariah K.

A NEW KING HAS BEEN CROWNED! Uno has become the new taco king of Lehigh Valley! All of their tacos have huge, authentic and bold flavors. On top of the tacos being super flavorful they have a handful of hand crafted sauces that are absolutely delicious.

Leonard M.

Delicious tacos and out of this world churros. Will absolutely be returning.

Danielle P.

Excellent flavors, fresh ingredients and the absolute best churros you will find in the area.

Ben F.

Excellent place, customer service is exceptional. Place is very cozy and clean. Fast service too!

Gabriel P.

Finally a good taco shop on this side of town.
Taste is fresh and well marinated. Great range of salsas from mild to wild, and actually taste good. Portion size looks small, but i didn’t leave hungry. Nice folks inside.

Joshua S.

The tacos here are made with care and quality.
I can certify the tortillas are legit! The Rib Eye and the fish taco are my favorites. I am from Mexico and I can tell you this taco place is a blessing in our area.

Edgar M.

Tacos done right!
FRESH ingredients. EVERY taco here is great! The Vampiros is a SAVORY MUST TRY! This cool little place surprised me by offering homemade Kombucha, which I can never resist!

Faith B.